• Evie Wilder

When You Come Back From Far Away

There's a delicate balance when you finally come home. You want to reminisce and look through all your pictures, tell your stories and try any last efforts to capture the moments and feelings, but you musn't do this for long. Because you also have to reacclimatize yourself to the "everyday grind," or, "reality." Catch up with friends and family you've missed, carry on excelling at your job, continue to be a good roommate or neighbour. Your body may feel 7 hours behind and a light-year away, but in fact, you're not. You're back. Here. 

So we have to blend these things as best we can. Whatever revelations, realizations or epiphanies you had - they won't go away. So instead of pretending they didn't happen, or trying to be in the place where they came to light... blend it. Don't just get back in the groove and find your rhythm again - you won't be able to, because you've changed. No, create a new back beat. After all, the point of traveling isn't to experience something once, it's to take that once-in-a-lifetime experience with you.

Photo credit: Steven Dennett

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