• Evie Wilder

Teacup Heart

Love is energy is water

Inside my teacup heart

It begs for me to share what's here

To shape the light from dark

But just about some time ago

It slipped out from my fingers

And now I search on hands and knees

For fragments of my shimmer

What you need to understand

What I now need you to see

Is I'm still mending, far from whole

And I'm gluing piece by piece

Sometimes I feel full

And start giving it away

But that's the trick of a broken cup

It no longer works that way

My edges don't stand tall

They're jagged and uneven

So even if I'm holding steady

Look closer, and I'm leaking

If you drink before I'm done

If you have no restraint

I promise that you'll cut your lip

And I can't ease the pain

It's not a simple task

Putting a teacup back together

Even more when your thirst is dry

And all you were was shattered

One day these cracks will dry

And you'll see them cased in gold

I can overflow again

Without the fear that I won't hold

But I cannot wish it so

It will take how long it takes

In time I will learn to blend

The happy and the ache

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