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Let's Be Clear

First of all, YAYAYAY! BLUE EYES IS LIVE TO-DAY! I am beyond excited that I get to share my music with you, finally. Thank you for your interest and your support.

Sharing my music is not about the money - ask any artist. If you're in it for the money, you've already lost. However, it is what makes me most happy in this world, so if I'm able to do it full-time then I will feel incredibly blessed. But it's much more about the sharing to me. So whether you feel like getting it for free and enjoying it in peace (me, with all other artists tbh), or donating a bajillion-trillion dollars, I am equally grateful that you're supporting me.

I just want to touch on the main players here in the music biz as I see to be relevant (but it's in many places, so find your favourite streaming site or store and search Evie Wilder!)

For those free-streamers, power to you! Maybe give it a like or a comment on SoundCloud. (There's also another option where you can download that i'mma link to at the end, so KEEP READING)

Spotify and Apple Music are pretty popular, too. Artists make about $0.006 per stream, so the best way to show your love is to mute it, and leave it playing on repeat while you sleep. That's more about getting the listening number up than anything.

Now if you've got a few bucks lying around, here's the rundown:

iTunes has me priced for $0.99 and the artist gets 60%-70% of the revenues. Same goes for Amazon. Google Play has me at $1.29 with roughly 70% of the share. Since I used a third party aggregator (DistroKid) to get me into these stores, I'm not sure I can change the pricing (holla at me if you know how though). Sorry to the Google users but hey, at least you'll know I'm getting *slightly* more benefits from you. (I'll throw in a mental high-five, too. Just for you. Cause I love you.)

You can also buy it off BandCamp and choose your own price - that site takes 15%, which is processed through PayPal which takes 5% (inside Canada) + $.05 per transaction. Which means I get 80% -$0.05.

Personally, I think here's a nice happy medium: NoiseTrade. For the cost of typing in your email and location (for my own personal marketing purposes), you can download the track. You also have the option of paying for it (giving me a "tip" near the bottom left, which is also processed through PayPal).

There you have it! If you've got any comments, questions, or if you're experienced in this and I've completely misunderstood something puh-lease let me know.

Now, go on, click one of those links and let me tell you about this girl...

♥ Evie

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