• Evie Wilder


I wasn't her. 

To you, that made me perfect. At least, I was enough 

I would do.

A place-holder to not be alone.  

A transition to get you through 

I was wild. 

A new, forbidden fruit. 

Something you had yet to try 

I took you.

With ease, with pleasure, without question. 

With conviction 

You kept me

Close enough to call, far enough to leave

Perched on top, barely room to breathe 

You hid me.

I disintegrated in her shadow. 

Suddenly, a light that nobody wanted to see

You promised.

You said you wouldn't let the tears fall 

And swore it wouldn't end like this

You transformed.

This king that they all know, I saw his ghost. 

And mine still keeps the bed warm. 


© 2019